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Minecraft Bedrock: How can I get unlimited dye?

There are a handful of dyes of which you can farm an unlimited amount. Traditionally he most common was green dye which is smelted from a 0 tick cactus farm. However, there are ways to farm unlimited amounts of certain flowers and then create dye from those.

The four flowers that can be farmed for unlimited amounts are the Lilac, the Rose Bush, the Peony and the Rose Bush. You will note that these flowers are all two blocks tall. Most flowers will grow in grass or dirt blocks. The trick in this instance is to create an enchanted hoe with the the Fortune enchantment on it, preferably Fortune III. When the double tall flowers are farmed with a Fortune III hoe double and sometimes triple the amount of the same flower are reaped as the reward. This in effect will allow you to quickly plant the flower, harvest it, plant the multiples you farmed and quickly expand your harvest to hundreds or even thousands within minutes. With all of these flowers you can create more dye than you’ll know what to do with. If you can’t find uses for all of the dye then you might get lucky finding a villager who will buy your dye for emeralds (some villagers will grade for dyes such as lime which can be made from combining green dye and white dye on the crafting table).

To create unlimited green dye you can create a 0 tick farm that produces cactuses (cactus). The cactus is then smelted into green dye. This has the added bonuses of serving as a limitless XP (experience) farm. Not only will limitless XP help you with enchanting your gear it can also serve as the fastest way to repair your gear if you are lucky enough to have the mending spell enchanted onto your tools, weapons and armor (mending enchantment books can purchased from some villagers, if you’re lucky enough to find one).

Cactus Farm / Green Dye Farm / XP Farm Tutorial

The following is an excellent YouTube tutorial for how to create the green dye farm.

EASY 1.16 XP FARM TUTORIAL in Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE/Xbox/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Windows10) – YouTube

My Wyze Camera Started Flashing Yellow and Blue

So all of a sudden your Wyze camera has stopped working and it’s began flashing yellow and blue.  This could mean a number of things.

First, your camera may not be able to connect to your WIFI network.  This is the simplest issue.  Restart your WIFI router and for good measure restart the Wyze Camera also and let it reconnect.

Second, the Camera could have failed a Firmware update.  This can be more problematic but should just require a reset.  Hold down the reset button on the bottom of the camera until the device resets.  You will want to take out your SD Card before this happens.  If you have trouble getting the SD card use something like a butter knife (with the device unplugged) and gently try to push down on the card so that it releases and then pops up out of the SD slot.  After the device is reset you can set it back up again.

Third, it could be defective which is possible but unlikely.  Contact Wyze support.

In Terraria, how do I force a solar eclipse?

In Terraria there are many events that are occur randomly such as the solar eclipse. Even after you have fulfilled the requirements for a solar eclipse is still only happens randomly (on the console version, the desktop ways create one via solar fragments).

Here are the steps to speed up invoking a solar eclipse (this will also work for a blood moon if you do it before night time). Please note, day time in Terraria starts at 4:30am.

  • Turn the auto save setting off.
  • Wait until 4:25am game time and save your game.
  • Wait until after 4:30am, if no solar eclipse happens exit the game and DO NOT SAVE.
  • Re-enter the game, it will be just before 4:30 again.
  • Repeat this until a solar eclipse happens.

Although this might still be cumbersome it is much faster than waiting throughout a full day/night cycle. Note, you must still fulfill the other requirements before it will happen (e.g. you must beat at least one mechanical boss).

How to make a mono program start without the full path in Linux for Raspberry Pi


You want to run your mono program from the command line without typing the full path to it.


You can create a shell script that will call mono (after you have it installed). The shell script will pass any parameters off to the program. The script itself will have to have permisssions. In my example below I’m going to setup a shell script to start a console application called “http” that downloads files for a specified URL.

Shell Script

exec mono "$0.exe" "$@"

The above script assumes that the mono executable is compiled with an exe extension and also assumes that mono is
in the global path. If mono is not, you will need to include the full path to mono here.

The last piece you need to run your executable is to give the shell script permissions. In my case, I named the
script “http” and then used this command to give it execute permissions.

Command Line

chmod +x http

How can I clear the cache in Google Chrome?


You want to clear the cache in Google Chrome.


There are multiple ways to clear the cache in Chrome. These include:

  1. Click the Tools Menu (the wrench in the upper right corner), select “options”, select the “under the hood” tab, click “clear browsing data” and check all the boxes for the items you want to clear, then click “Clear Browsing Data”.
  2. Push F12, then click on refresh and select “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”
  3. Pressing Control+F5 or Shift+F5 (Google’s site says both of these should work)
  4. Open a new incognito or private window with Control+Shift+N. This window won’t use the cache, stored cookies or stored DNS resolutions (it will fetch them all fresh).

Windows–The source file name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system.


You are trying to delete a file, possibly maliciously created and you run into this error:

The source file name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system.  Try moving to a location which has a shorter path name, or try renaming to shorter name(s) before attempting this operation.

Solution 1:

Use an auto-generated 8.3 name to access the file and delete it from the command prompt.  This means, every long file in windows still can be referenced by it’s 8 character name with a 3 dot extension.  E.g. this file “mm_backup.cfg” could be referenced by using “mm_bac~1.cfg”.  Take the first 6 characters, then put a tilde and a 1 (if it’s the first in order) then the dot extension.  A command might look like “del mm_bac~1.cfg”.

Solution 2:

Create a new user account, try to move the file into that account and then delete the account (this hinges on whether the operating system will let you move the file).  Alternatively, you can create a new user account, migrate all of your files and settings there and then delete your account (taking that file with it).  You want to be certain to backup all of your files before you do this.

Solution 3:

Map a drive to a folder inside the structure of the path of the target file or folder. This method shortens the virtual path.

For example, suppose you have a path that is structured as follows:


In this path, the total character count is over 255 characters. To shorten the length of this path, to 73 characters, map a drive to SubfolderName4.

Microsoft also recommends other alternatives that may or may not work for your scenario.  Reference this support article:

How to make a JavaScript POST to a page


You want to post data from one page to another with JavaScript.


First, create a JavaScript function in your page.  This will need to be surrounded by script tags and should probably live in the head tags (or have a js file included there):


function postwith (to,p) {
  var myForm = document.createElement("form");
  myForm.method="post" ;
  myForm.action = to ;
  for (var k in p) {
    var myInput = document.createElement("input") ;
    myInput.setAttribute("name", k) ;
    myInput.setAttribute("value", p[k]);
    myForm.appendChild(myInput) ;
  document.body.appendChild(myForm) ;
  myForm.submit() ;
  document.body.removeChild(myForm) ;

Now, you can post via click (or other events) on elements. This example I’ll just use a hyperlink:

<a href="javascript:postwith('post.php',{firstname:'john',lastname:'smith'})">click</a>

How to clear/flush the DNS cache in Google Chrome


You want to clear/flush the DNS cache in Google Chrome.  This maybe necessary if you are a web developer and are working on updating the DNS pointers for your site (Note, you may need to flush the DNS cache in the OS also).


Enter “chrome://net-internals/#dns” in the Chrome address bar, navigate there and then click the “Clear host cache” button.