My Wyze Camera Started Flashing Yellow and Blue

So all of a sudden your Wyze camera has stopped working and it’s began flashing yellow and blue.  This could mean a number of things.

First, your camera may not be able to connect to your WIFI network.  This is the simplest issue.  Restart your WIFI router and for good measure restart the Wyze Camera also and let it reconnect.

Second, the Camera could have failed a Firmware update.  This can be more problematic but should just require a reset.  Hold down the reset button on the bottom of the camera until the device resets.  You will want to take out your SD Card before this happens.  If you have trouble getting the SD card use something like a butter knife (with the device unplugged) and gently try to push down on the card so that it releases and then pops up out of the SD slot.  After the device is reset you can set it back up again.

Third, it could be defective which is possible but unlikely.  Contact Wyze support.