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Fornite password change and other’s logged into your account

Question:  If I change the password on my Fortnite account will it cause other consoles already logged in to have to enter the password?

Answer:  Sometimes.  There are instances where you change your password and some consoles that already have a login token will stay logged in for a period of time.  All new logins will require the new password however.  As of the writing of this entry Epic Games does not provide info on what devices you’re currently logged into and they don’t provide a way to force logout of those devices.

How to show a blank in a text box for an Integer value in ASP.Net MVC.

Question: In ASP.Net MVC5, how do I show a text box for a number in my ViewModel but have it show a blank when that value is 0?


Let’s assume you have a ViewModel on the page that has an integer value that represents a month.  If the ViewModel is empty and that value is 0 (a month hasn’t been set yet)

@Html.TextBoxFor(x => x.Month, “{0:#.#}”)