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Minecraft: How to download a realm in v1.17.10

In version v1.17.10 Mojang changed the screens you use to manage your realm worlds. As part of this change they allow you to upload three worlds. The one issue is that it’s not clear which world is the one you previously had loaded. Instead of having the name of the world the previously loaded world defaults to ‘My World’. You will be able to click on that tile and download the world / change the settings as you previously could.

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Choose realm within the realms subscription (Note your previously named realm might be listed as ‘My World’)

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How do I close the game Dragon Quest XI on the PC version

After saving and exiting the game in Dragon Quest XI you are brought back to the intro screen but the game is still in full screen mode with no clear way to close the program and return to Windows.

In order to exit the game can Press the Windows key on the keyboard which will show the task bar, then right click on the Dragon Quest Icon and choose ‘close window’. At this point, Dragon Quest will prompt you with a dialog box that asks if you really want to close the game, choose ‘Yes’.