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How do I close the game Dragon Quest XI on the PC version

After saving and exiting the game in Dragon Quest XI you are brought back to the intro screen but the game is still in full screen mode with no clear way to close the program and return to Windows.

In order to exit the game can Press the Windows key on the keyboard which will show the task bar, then right click on the Dragon Quest Icon and choose ‘close window’. At this point, Dragon Quest will prompt you with a dialog box that asks if you really want to close the game, choose ‘Yes’.

In Terraria, how do I defeat the most creatures during a solar eclipse?

Here are a few tips that will help you succeed during a solar eclipse.

  • If you don’t have a Terra Blade, use a high damage very fast swinging blade like the Cutlass.
  • Use high defense armor such as the Beetle armor.
  • Find a shallow pool of water that you can stand it but still be above water. Allow the creatures to come to you. When they enter the water it will slow them down and buy you time to hit them more (and faster with a fast swinging weapon). If too many stack up, jump over them and hit them from the other side, they will have to change direction which is slow in the water and will buy you additional hitting time without taking damage.
  • Have healing potions on you and use them as soon as you’ve lost enough energy that they’ll fill it back up. This will start the clock so you’ll be able to use one again quicker and maximize your health.
  • Put campfires or other healing devices near the site where the pool is in preparation.
  • Keep slots in your inventory free to pick up any loot (without having to pause to do it while you’re fighting). You’ll want a spot available to pick up any broken hero swords that may drop.
  • Use a water candle or a battle potion that will cause more mobs to spawn and attack. The more mobs that attack, the higher the chance you’ll get a drop on the broken hero sword.

How do you clone items in Terraria?

In many versions of Terraria it maybe possible to clone items if the version you’re using has the ability to connect to other players worlds as well as the setting to disable autosaving (such as on the console versions like the xbox one and playstation 4).

In order to duplicate items follow these steps:

  1. Have a player start a world and then turn their auto save off.
  2. Join that players world as the second player, also turn your auto save off.
  3. Drop the item on the floor that you want to clone, do not pick it up.
  4. Exit the game and choose not to save.
  5. Re-enter the game, you should have the item still in your inventory and the cloned item is still on the floor, pick it up and you have duplicated it. This will work with single items as well as stacks.
  6. Save your game at this point, you must do this if you wish to again duplicate that item.

Once you are done, don’t forget to re-enable auto save if you wish to be on.