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Why does my cod turn brown after desalinating?

The code turning brown is more an action of oxidation and less an action of the desalinating.  When the fish is exposed without skin to oxygen is will face oxidation which will brown things (the same as fruit, salads, etc.).  To slow the oxidation process you can apply lemons to the fish or the water you’re using in the desalination process.

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Why does coffee taste worse if the bag has been left open?

An age old question.  The answer mostly boils down to the molecules responsible for aromas.  A lot of what humans interpret as smell comes from aromas that we smell from the food or drink we’re partaking in (ever noticed how when you have a cold and can’t breath through your nose how food often loses it’s flavor?).

If a bag of coffee is left closed it gives the volatile aromas time to work their way from the interior of the bean outwards (and into the open air of the bag where it’s sealed providing the rush of smell when the bag opens).  To that point, when a whole bean is ground it allows those aromas that were trapped inside the bean out.

Bags that are left open allow these aromas to easily evaporate and over time much of what we interpret as taste will go with it.

I’ve added too much milk to my macaroni and cheese, help!


You’ve added too much milk to your macaroni and cheese and now it’s liquidy.


You can turn the burner on the stove back on and bring the macaroni and cheese to a boil. Boil the milk down to the desired level. You will want to be sure to constantly stir the contents to make sure that non of the milk (or cheese sauce if you’ve added it in) burns on the bottom of your pot.