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Cannot copy photos from my iPhone to Windows 11

This error, the scourge of iOS: “Device is unreachable”.

Maybe help articles that you’ll find  tell you to do all of the standard stuff like install a new version of iTunes, update Windows, reboot Windows, Change settings so that  photos are converted on copy.

However, many times none of those are the cause.  iOS can get into a corrupt state in regards to being able to copy files to Windows via Windows Explorer.  The fix to this is to reboot your iPhone (and not Windows).  This very often fixes the issue and allows you to then copy files.

Once files are copying again you might break those file copies into smaller sections such as by folder.  Sometimes copying too much data causes the connection with the iPhone to faulter.

Poor sound quality on JBL E40BT headphones in Windows 11


On Windows 11 the sound quality on my bluetooth headphones has degraded quality.


Bluetooth headphones that come with both a mic and headphones sometimes load a profile that have both the mic and the headphones turned on. In some scenarios this can degrade sound quality. If you are just using your headphones for listening you can turn off the mic. On Windows 10 you would see two bluetooth profiles for the headphones, one with a mic and one without. On Windows 11 you need to go to Sound Settings -> Manage Sound Devices and change the Input to a different microsphone

. Upon doing the quality of the sound from the headphones output will return to a higher quality output. You can also reach this menu by click the sound icon in the notification area, then clicking the right arrow, then clicking More volume settings.