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Mega Man 2 – Boss Weakenesses


What are the weaknesses of the bosses Mega Man 2?


The following are the weaknesses of the bosses in Mega Man 2:

  1. Metal Man – Metal Blade (Instant Kill), Quick Boomerang or Atomic Fire
  2. Bubble Man – Metal Blade
  3. Heat Man – Bubble Lead, Air Shooter
  4. Wood Man – Atomic Fire (Instant Kill), Air Shooter, Metal Blade
  5. Air Man – Leaf Shield
  6. Crash Man – Air Shooter
  7. Quick Man – Time Stopper, Crash Bomb, Atomic Fire, Mega Buster
  1. Wall Robots – Bubble Lead (Instant Kill), Metal Blade
  2. Guts Dozer – Quick Boomerang, Atomic Fire
  3. Sentry – Crash Bomb (the only weapon that works)
  4. Wily Ship First Phase – Atomic Fire, Crash Bomb (although this is needed for the Wily Ship Second Phase)
  5. Wily Ship Second Phase – Crash Bomb, Mega Buster
  6. Alien – Bubble Lead (the only weapon that works)

Mega Man 10 Boss Order


What is the preferred boss order in Mega Man 10?


The following is the preferred boss order in Mega Man 10 is as follows:

  1. Sheep Man – Use Mega Buster
  2. Pump Man – Use Electric Wool
  3. Solar Man – Use Water Shield
  4. Chill Man – Use Solar Blaze
  5. Nitro Man – Use Chill Spike
  6. Commando Man – Use Wheel Cutter
  7. Blade Man – Use Commando Bomb
  8. Strike Man – Use Triple Blade


Mega Man 10 is a WiiWare game for the Nintendo Wii. It is built to resemble the look and feel of the original 8-bit Nintendo Mega Man series.

Nintendo DS – You must link a Nintendo Network ID in order to use this software.

In order to install some of the free software packages on your or your child’s Nintendo DS you are required to link a Nintendo Network ID which can be a cumbersome process and will require a credit card to verify you are an adult. The question often arrises on whether you should create yourself an account or create your child one. The answer I will give you is that you should create an account for your child but retain the credentials for it (as well as setting up parental controls with a password and NOT storing your credit card information and instead entering it with each transaction as an extra measure of not having your child accidently spend money if they were to figure out your pin number). When creating an account Nintendo will make a one time charge of 50 cents to verify that you are a consenting adult to your childs usage.

The advantage of linking a network ID should be that you can transfer and/or re-download titles for your DS that you have previously downloaded. It also will allow you to share your account between your DS/3DS and your WiiU if you happen to own both systems.