Mega Man 2 – Boss Weakenesses


What are the weaknesses of the bosses Mega Man 2?


The following are the weaknesses of the bosses in Mega Man 2:

  1. Metal Man – Metal Blade (Instant Kill), Quick Boomerang or Atomic Fire
  2. Bubble Man – Metal Blade
  3. Heat Man – Bubble Lead, Air Shooter
  4. Wood Man – Atomic Fire (Instant Kill), Air Shooter, Metal Blade
  5. Air Man – Leaf Shield
  6. Crash Man – Air Shooter
  7. Quick Man – Time Stopper, Crash Bomb, Atomic Fire, Mega Buster
  1. Wall Robots – Bubble Lead (Instant Kill), Metal Blade
  2. Guts Dozer – Quick Boomerang, Atomic Fire
  3. Sentry – Crash Bomb (the only weapon that works)
  4. Wily Ship First Phase – Atomic Fire, Crash Bomb (although this is needed for the Wily Ship Second Phase)
  5. Wily Ship Second Phase – Crash Bomb, Mega Buster
  6. Alien – Bubble Lead (the only weapon that works)