What are the directions to the stock areas in a ROM 2.4 based Diku mud?

ROM 2.4 is one of the most popular open source mud code bases to start from (although MUDS have been declining in players for years). The following are the directions to get to all areas in the stock version of ROM 2.4 (The bard camp replacing the smurf village as the exception).

These speedwalking directions all start from the recall point in Midgaard, some may assume that you have pass door cast on you (e.g. you may need to open doors or gates).

Cross Roads .2s6e
South Gate of Midgaard .2s3w8s2e
North Gate of Midgaard .2s3e4n2wn

New Ofcol .2s4w3n2e3ne2n2ene3n2e
Shire .ss5wn
Plains .2s4w3n2en
Haon Dor .2s5w
In the Air .s2u
Arachnos .2s13ws2wnwuwn
Astral Plane .s2un2u
Elemental Canyon .2s6e4s2es2eds
Dwarven Catacombs (Southern Entrance) .2s6e3n2e3n3wdd
Dwarven Catacombs (Northern Entrance) .2s6e3n2e3n2w2nw2n3e2sd
Chapel Catacombs .6s2e2sw6s
Dwarven Day Care .2s6e3n2es
Dragon Tower .2s13ws2w2sws3wnw4nw
Machine Dreams .3s3esu
Drow City .2s6es3s2es2ed;open west;w;s;d;open down;d
Thalos .2s6es
Dwarven Kingdom  .2s6e3ne
The Clouds .6se3sws4us
Sands of Sorrow .3s2e2s3e
Galaxy .2s13ws2w2sws3wnw3nwn
Gnome Village .2s8es
Graveyard .sssssseessw;open south;s (pass door or key)
Holy Grove .2s8en
High Tower .2s13ws2w2sws3wnwn
Gangland #1 .6se3se
Gangland #2 .6s2e2swne
Mahn-Tor .2s6e4s2es2ed3nes
Marsh .2s11w2swsws2wsws
Mega City One .3s2e2s13es
Miden'nir (Cross Roads) .2s6e
Old Thalos .2s8e2nen2en
Mob Factory .3s3wse
Moria .2s4wn, .2s3e4n2w2n, .2s6e3n
New Thalos .2s15e
Nirvana .2s8e2n2eu
Ofcol .2s4w3n2e3ne2n2ene2n
Olympus .2s4w3n2e6n
Pyramid .3s2e2s10enen2e
Sewers .4sd
Redferne's Residence .6se3swsu
Mud School .u
Bard Camp .2s7en
Hell .6s2e2sw6sds2w2sendn2es4e2sw2s2ednese2sn
Troll Den .2s11w2swsws2wses
Valley of the Elves .2s4w3n2e5nwn
Wyvern's Tower .2s6es3s2es2ed