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What are the common Wyze cam error codes and what they mean?

The following are error codes associated with Wyze cams.

Error code Description **How to resolve **
-90 Device offline or not connected to server See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
-42 Failed to setup connection See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
10003 Authentication failure Restart camera and Wyze app
-20011 Connection timed out See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
-60 Cannot connect to the server See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
-41 Network is unreachable See ‘Connectivity’ Troubleshooting
10001.2 Camera is being upgraded Please wait 5 minutes, then try again.
-20010 Invalid session channel
-20027 Channel is being used by others
-20002 Max number of channels reached
10003 Firmware operation failure
27 A client stops connecting to a device Attempt to reconnect to the camera in the app, or close/quit app, then re-open app and attempt to reconnect to the camera.