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Netflix on Fire TV: Start over is not supported

One of the features that was handy with Netflix on the FireTV was the ability to Alexa to start an episode over via the commands “Alexa, Play from the beginning” or “Alexa, start over”.

Though this feature used to work with Netflix, sometime between January of 2019 and February of 2019 Alexa began responding with “Start over is not supported.”.

At this time there is no known fix for the issue, as soon as one becomes available this post will be updated.

Amazon Instant Video network issues on Vizio Smart TV’s


Your Amazon Instant Video app does not find an internet connection and sometimes shuts down all together (and never recovers).  Once the app shuts down it stays shut down for the duration of the time you have the television on.


The Amazon apps seems to never recover once it fails to retrieve a network connection.  Sometimes after turning the TV on it takes a moment for the TV to access the local WIFI network.  The workaround is to give the TV time to access the network before accessing the Amazon app.  You can monitor whether a connection has been made by hitting the Vizio button on your remote and watching for the network connected/signal strength icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Once you have a WIFI signal you will be able to open the Amazon app and connect.