Simple Inverter

Minecraft Bedrock: How to build a simple inverter

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A simple inverter in Minecraft will allow something like a lever to output power to one item but not another.  An example of this would be  a lever that turns one redstone lamp on while turning another off.

You will need the following items:

  1. Redstone Lamp (2x)
  2. Redstone Torch (1x)
  3. Redstone Dust (1x)
  4. Cobblestone (1x)
  5. Lever (1x)

Note: that the cobblestone can be replaced by any block that conducts redstone power.

Refer to the following screenshots for specific item placement.  The lever is placed next to a redstone dust which connects to the cobblestone.  The cobblstone has a redstone lamp on top of it and a redstone torch off the side.  One block away from the redstone torch the second redstone lamp is placed.  That is it!  When the lever is toggled one lamp will be on and one lamp will be off.

A practical use for this would be at a minecart station where the direction the track is heading at an intersection could be indicated by one of two redstone lamps.

Answer Tree | Random answers for random questions

Answer Tree | Random answers for random questions

Answer Tree | Random answers for random questions

This technique was tested on Bedrock edition 1.16.221.

Minecraft Bedrock: How can I get unlimited dye?

There are a handful of dyes of which you can farm an unlimited amount. Traditionally he most common was green dye which is smelted from a 0 tick cactus farm. However, there are ways to farm unlimited amounts of certain flowers and then create dye from those.

The four flowers that can be farmed for unlimited amounts are the Lilac, the Rose Bush, the Peony and the Rose Bush. You will note that these flowers are all two blocks tall. Most flowers will grow in grass or dirt blocks. The trick in this instance is to create an enchanted hoe with the the Fortune enchantment on it, preferably Fortune III. When the double tall flowers are farmed with a Fortune III hoe double and sometimes triple the amount of the same flower are reaped as the reward. This in effect will allow you to quickly plant the flower, harvest it, plant the multiples you farmed and quickly expand your harvest to hundreds or even thousands within minutes. With all of these flowers you can create more dye than you’ll know what to do with. If you can’t find uses for all of the dye then you might get lucky finding a villager who will buy your dye for emeralds (some villagers will grade for dyes such as lime which can be made from combining green dye and white dye on the crafting table).

To create unlimited green dye you can create a 0 tick farm that produces cactuses (cactus). The cactus is then smelted into green dye. This has the added bonuses of serving as a limitless XP (experience) farm. Not only will limitless XP help you with enchanting your gear it can also serve as the fastest way to repair your gear if you are lucky enough to have the mending spell enchanted onto your tools, weapons and armor (mending enchantment books can purchased from some villagers, if you’re lucky enough to find one).

Cactus Farm / Green Dye Farm / XP Farm Tutorial

The following is an excellent YouTube tutorial for how to create the green dye farm.

EASY 1.16 XP FARM TUTORIAL in Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE/Xbox/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Windows10) – YouTube

Can I use a Synology NAS with only a USB flash drive

Synology produces a number of NAS products.  These products provide 1 or more bays for hard drives and generally 2 USB ports for adding an external hard drive or using a USB hard drive.

Although the Synology NAS can be expanded with USB flash media it still must have a physical hard drive installed to operate.  Without a hard drive the NAS prompts you with a screen to install a hard drive and will not let you continue without one.  In short, you can’t use a Synology NAS with only flash media.

It should also be noted that the flash media cannot operate as a RAID or mirror option and only as free standing space.

Borders on WPF on 4K high resolution monitors

The issue is that when you view your WPF application on a normal 96 monitor everything looks fine, but once you view it on a high resolution monitor edges don’t seem to line up right everywhere and sometimes there are issues with the borders rendering and lining up correct.

The two key settings to try to fix this can be set at the page or window level and these are `UseLayoutRounding` and `SnapToDevicePixels`.

    UseLayoutRounding="True" SnapsToDevicePixels=True"

These features should work on both the classic .NET Framework and the new WPF running on .NET Core.


What type of battery does my Chevy Traverse key fob use?

The type of battery used in a Chevy Travere key fob is a CR2032.

The battery is 3 volt battery. The key fobs in the many Chevy models will run out of power after 1-2 years of use. When a key fob runs out of battery you can press a button on the side of the key fob to release a physical key (you’ll have to pull out). The door handle usually has a concealed lock that you can use to enter the car in case your battery dies. Each model car generally has a spot in the car where you can place the key fob on to allow it to start if the battery is dead. In a Traverse this is either in the cupholder or in the space in front of the cupholder that’s open and used for storage.

iPhone stops showing contact names and won’t dial contacts

There is an issue that happens with iOS from time to time and has for many versions where contact names disappear from the Phone app and you only see the phone numbers. Further, when clicking on a contact a call fails to be placed generally with an error message from the Carrier. You may also notice that your data continues to work and that if you manually type a phone number you can call it. You may also notice that whenever you call from clicking on a contact that you see something about “Dial Assist” on the main screen.

There are two fixes you can try in order to alleviate this, neither of which require a reset. They should be tried in this order.

Fix 1

  1. Start the Contacts app
  2. Click on the “Groups” link which is likely in the top left corner
  3. Ungroup or remove the check marks from all of the selected entries then click “Done”
  4. Click “Groups” again and reselect the previous entries then click “Done”
  5. Restart your phone

This approach worked for me to restore all functionality.

Fix 2

This won’t fix the core issue but will allow you to click on a contact and call that number. You can disable dial assist and it will then correct call the contact number if it is properly formatted.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Phone
  3. Turn off Dial Assist

Although Fix 2 will restore some functionality, Fix 1 is what we’re really hoping works because it will fix the problem AND dial assist will continue working. This was verfied on iOS 12.1.4 where these instructions were created from however the issue has existed for some time over a wide span of iOS versions.

Netflix on Fire TV: Start over is not supported

One of the features that was handy with Netflix on the FireTV was the ability to Alexa to start an episode over via the commands “Alexa, Play from the beginning” or “Alexa, start over”.

Though this feature used to work with Netflix, sometime between January of 2019 and February of 2019 Alexa began responding with “Start over is not supported.”.

At this time there is no known fix for the issue, as soon as one becomes available this post will be updated.